You Are You

I had a dream and God comes to me in the dream and says Avraham Nachman, come here. So I stop what I am doing and walk toward God. He puts his hand on me and says “I am very pleased with you. For your whole life you have looked upon my creation and seen only goodness. Do you know what that means?” And I say “I think so”. And God says to me “I don’t think you do. Many people look at my creation and see goodness but you have seen ONLY goodness. For your whole life you have been this way. Do you see the difference? Do you see how rare a person you are? And yet  when you look at yourself you see only what is bad. There is a person my eyes are always watching and in whom I see only goodness. Would you like to see him?” And I say “Of course!” So God puts a mirror down near me and tells me to look in it. So I say without looking “I don’t understand. I know if I look there I will see myself.  Why do I need to look?” And God to me “Look. Look”. So I take the mirror and look. I see a person I have never before but yet he looks familiar. He looks holy transcendently beautiful and wise. I gasp remembering and say “ This is the person I always wanted to be like! Who is  he?” To which God replies “That man is you. You are you “. 
I am like the holy sadhu who, high up in the Himalayan Mountains alone,waged war against the demons of this world and won attaining enlightenment. Now I am coming down to tell the world.

Published by AmericanSiddartha

A beauty so visionary it must be real

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