Trump Double Speak: Arson is Peace

Trump’s solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict: first he doused Jerusalem really well with gasoline and then in the name of world peace he asked the arch fiend and prime minister of McIsrael to join him throwing a lit torch upon the spilt gasoline which they both did with joy in their hearts. Now the two of them are going to watch the whole thing burn from a safe distance and make toasts to world peace.

They have literally set the mideast on fire by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. And it was solely in order to fan the flames of this fire that Trump has now sent his son in law to the region. By sanctioning such a move and intentionally thereby injecting into the political environment all that such a move implies, most significantly the recognition of Jerusalem as the official capital of the zionist state, the administration has effectively, though without saying so, annulled thencefoward and forever the validity of the Palestinian position. This is a crime against the Palestinians condoned by world wide silence. And the tacit nature of such a nullification further enables the arrogant Trump-zionist axis to publicly accuse the Palestinians of bad faith by not attending a conference allegedly intended for their economic prosperity when they have just effectively erased the Palestinians from the pages of zionist history. The bad faith here is issuing from the abhorrent behavior of the Trump-zionist axis and not the Palestinians who are being merely pragmatic and realistic and unwilling to be made fools in the eyes of a deceived world. History will eventually validate the Palestinian reaction to this aggression as it will condemn the Trump-zionist treachery. They have denigrated the Palestinians and marginalized them and insulted them beyond the inhuman degree to which they have already been subjected and then act astonished and disappointed that they won’t pull up a chair to participate in a round not of peace talks but “economic workshops” based upon the utterly deceitful premise that Peace with a capital P has already been achieved and that now prosperity will fall from the heavens like Righteousness in a mighty stream. But Peace, peace and there is no peace! There can be no serious and enduring solution to the conflict without first redressing the significant grievances of the Palestinians on their own and by themselves without any reference to the zionists. The Palestinians as a people must be restored to that simple dignity which an enlightened age long ago deemed the right of all. This part of the solution is rudimentary and beyond need of any proof. It takes precedence over all other considerations. Before the Palestinians can be expected to breathe again on their own the world must force the zionists to stop strangling them by their throats! Until then all talk of economic prosperity is a mockery. Promises of a brighter future are cruel when even the most basic levels of subsistence are absent and the apparatus for the zionists to perpetuate such an imbalance remains intact. This should be common sense. But evidently the current advisor and son in law to the President of the United States is incapable of seeing what should be quite obvious. And indeed, to anyone seriously and genuinely dedicated to humanity for its own sake it is. Only a man whose heart and mind are blinded by lust for more money and more power will fail to see a truth which shines as bright as the sun in the noontime sky.

But since the flames of the newly ignited fire are slow in catching, most Jews there and throughout the world have no idea the conflagration that’s coming and foolishly believe the embassy move was for their betterment and the betterment of the region. The zionists have always behaved like perverse arsons lighting fires in secret saying the Arabs did it. But this is one fire they will come to regret ever having lit. For it will in hindsight be seen as the beginning of the end for them. God has set a high water mark as it were in the firmament above which the arrogance of the wicked is not allowed to pass without lightning-fast heavenly retribution. The foolish and wicked zionists have just surpassed that mark and their end is very near. In order for the world to experience peace again the zionists must be removed entirely from the picture.

Come, Sweetie, now that we’ve taken care of the Mideast, let’s set fire to the rest of the world

Click here to read a typical example of the sort of new super-arrogance erupting in the zionist camp as the poisonous effects of the Trump Arson/Peace Scam of the century begins to spread across the zionist psyche. Only the zionists are cruel enough to serve a starving man a dirt sandwich and berate him for not eating it.

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