Organic Metaphysicum

I grow like a plant. I rise like the sun. Unnoticed I come. Slowly like nature without missing a step. I brought the perfect parts together. I held them so close but could not make them one. But in me a great light has released and behold they are One. The parts have merged into a whole. Each part was also a whole. A perfect beautiful whole. The pasture of my youth. The dark earth of plowed fields. The soft scent of manure drifts in the wind and mingles with scent of rain. The light of the muttering thunderstorm. Its flash of blueish white light touches my cheek. The lilac arched over the narrow road joins another lilac arched over forming a tunnel not either alone could form. The ancient rose bush blooms as if for the first time without any thought of the past that determines its form. The liquid dark color of the petal just opened the liquid green and fresh red of the bud suddenly exploded. The pure face of the child like lamb that loiter by the barn door are tilted gently asking toward me. Their dirty yellowish coats. Mud spattered above the hough on the thigh. They notice with interest my passing. In each ones innocent eye I see myself. They too are longing to be redeemed. In the enlightened bodhisatva all things merge and rest finding the end. The enlightened Self is perfect embracing all things and is the fulfillment of all longing. In me all things find rest in the Enlightened Self all things merge and become one.

The Road also a part of me. The journey of enlightenment is divine. The end reveals the beginning and the beginning foretells the end. The end reveals what was hidden in the clothes of desire. The pure heart that expressed itself in the intention becomes visible. What was hidden now can be seen. What lay dormant in potential becomes actual. Now I have eyes and can see it was all there at the beginning. What I sought was there all along dormant sleeping waiting ro arise with the first rays of this dawn of my self awakening after the great struggle of my coming to being.

Published by AmericanSiddartha

A beauty so visionary it must be real

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