I was born in New York City in 1964 and grew up in a small town in southeastern Pennsylvania: Reading. My father ran and owned a factory of about 100 workers in a nearby town called Sinking Spring, where I worked most summers as a young teenager. The rural beauty of the landscape and the kindness of the people I saw in Reading as a child, their simplicity and decency, made a strong and indelible impression upon me which greatly influenced my artistic vision as I grew up. I can still see and smell the lilac trees arching over the country roads and the rose bushes and flocks of sheep on the rolling hills and grazing horses and cows. I attended a Prep School in Connecticut: The Taft School and graduated with distinction as one of the top 5 students in my class in 1982. I attended the University of Chicago briefly in that same year. But for personal reasons(my father went bankrupt in the recession of the late 1970’s) I was not able to continue my studies and with $200 in my pocket I left school and took a bus to California where I lived for 10 years. I ended up meeting during this time period every member of the Beat Generation with the exception of Jack Kerouac, who had died tragically in 1969. I befriended his best friend: the poet Gregory Corso. He had a strong effect upon me in those difficult teenage years; both his character and his wisdom. I also became very close to the Greek poet, Nanos Valaoritas, a man whose mind heart and soul were divine. After living for a decade in the bohemian world of North Beach, San Francisco, I moved to the Lower East Side in 1992 with the intention of becoming involved in theater. I had the good fortune to meet and befriend a very exceptional human being, Lionel Ziprin, whom I consider the greatest poet of the 20th century. At both Ziprin’s urging, and that of a local mystic who wandered the streets of Manhattan, I went to see the Lubavitcher Rebbe one weekend and my life’s course changed in a completely different and unexpected direction. I attended a yeshiva for orthodox Jews in Crown Heights under the tutelage of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and became conversant in all 3 Torah languages: Sacred Hebrew, Aramaic and Yiddish. I married in 1998; have 5 amazing children; but I divorced in 2018. I moved moved to Washington, DC where I had a job working in a soup factory. I have crossed America 4 times by bus and once by train and traveled overland from Vancouver, Canada to Central America; and throughout the world as well. My pictures express just what it is I cannot say in words.

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