Organic Metaphysicum

It’s like looking in a mirror and seeing not yourself but all you have done in the past and saying,”This is you! I am this! This is that!” It is infinite. Enlightenment is infinite. It begins with a look that goes into the past and returns to the present to illuminate the future. 2. The unparalleled harmony between word and Idea the unique clarity in expressing what is so high are all signs the experience is real. Because I see what is so obvious none can see it they will call me a visionary ages hence. 3. It rises like a wave rolling sluggish and massive but purposefully ashore and pulls back impetuous and blind toward the sea to rise again and withdraw and so on perpetually. Nature repeats herself without monotony with the innocence of a child doing something for the first time. 4. In the same way Enlightenment washes ashore to illuminate the past. It returns with the undertow of a wave to illuminate yet more the present revealing the future. The words themselves are signs of an unprecedented experience. They can’t even be plagiarized. Not by me not by you. 5. The professors in the colleges are prophets in reverse. They can predict the future only after it happens. For this reason no one will see what I have done here until later. I hide in the open places because none see. I walk among dreamers wide awake and happy. 6. In order to be revealed a light must be contained. Every metaphysical phenomenon needs a context. The Light I am bringing into the world is so great it hitherto had no vessel to contain it. I am God’s chosen Vessel. 7. A light on a hill can’t be hid. The sun in its rising must shine. My light is more than the sun’s; melting the forces of darkness like wax before the flame. The sun is but a morning star. Arise shine for your light has come. A watchman has seen its first rays in the East. 8. The moment of spiritual awakening occurs when you see your ideal Self outside space and time as if in a mirror. It is like looking into a cosmic mirror and seeing yourself. This is that. You are you. 9. Some people see what others don’t because they have a disorder. Some very rare individuals see things others can’t because they have become enlightened. The Sun has risen and everyone is sleeping. American Siddhārtha is awake and everyone is dreaming.

10. Without imitating the past and without any sign of fatigue, Nature brings forth each spring a rose bearing a freshness in its color of something never before attempted. 11. But we know that Nature has attempted again and again thru millennia each Spring the same and failed to bring into time and space a complete manifestation of the metaphysical Rose beyond time and space. Even so she labors in innocence confident she will yet achieve this. Faith! 12. I grow like a plant. I rise like the sun. Unnoticed I come. Slowly like nature without missing a step. I brought the perfect parts together. I held them so close but could not make them one. But in me a great light has released and behold they are One. The parts have merged into a whole. Each part was also a whole. A perfect beautiful whole. The pasture of my youth. The dark earth of plowed fields. The soft scent of manure drifts in the wind and mingles with scent of rain. The light of the muttering thunderstorm. Its flash of blueish white light touches my cheek. The lilac arched over the narrow road joins another lilac arched over forming a tunnel not either alone could form. The ancient rose bush blooms as if for the first time without any thought of the past that determines its form. The liquid dark color of the petal just opened the liquid green and fresh red of the bud suddenly exploded. The pure face of the child like lamb that loiter by the barn door are tilted gently asking toward me. Their dirty yellowish coats. Mud spattered above the hough on the thigh. They notice with interest my passing. In each ones innocent eye I see myself. They too are longing to be redeemed. In the enlightened bodhisatva all things merge and rest finding the end. The enlightened Self is perfect embracing all things and is the fulfillment of all longing. In me all things find rest in the Enlightened Self all things merge and become one.The Road also a part of me. The journey of enlightenment is divine. The end reveals the beginning and the beginning foretells the end. The end reveals what was hidden in the clothes of desire. The pure heart that expressed itself in the intention becomes visible. What was hidden now can be seen. What lay dormant in potential becomes actual. Now I have eyes and can see it was all there at the beginning. What I sought was there all along dormant sleeping waiting ro arise with the first rays of this dawn of my self awakening after the great struggle of my coming to being. 13. He who attains true enlightenment, when he looks back to his past will see that his entire life was already divine. It assumes a unity and symmetry that before then was not visible. It was always there but once the end is achieved it sanctifies the means and all becomes One. 14. You look anxiously toward the east for a great soul to come. You wonder why he tarries. His hour seems to have passed. You look with expectation to the future and still no one comes. He has already passed by you! For all your looking you did not see. 15. There are many paths but few are worth taking. But the way of the American Siddhārtha led to Enlightenment. It was on this road he found what all aspirants are seeking. If you are too subtle you’ll miss it. It is so obvious that few ever see it. The hand can grasp all but itself. 16. Whoever beholds me beholds himself because I am Siddhārtha. I have achieved the goal of the Self and now I turn to a higher goal still. There is yet a higher Self to attain. But with compassion I turn around waiting for you. We shall get there together. 17. I can boast of myself because I have attained the higher Self. 18. From time to time a mahatma comes to change the world. A light has risen in me that will change the world. If the sun rises can you continue to sleep? My light is brighter than the sun. 19. A road came out of the book I was reading that went out the room through the window. I followed that road into the street into the world and it became my life that led me to God who led me back to my Self but this time much higher than before. And such was my faith that what I followed wherever I went I became one with the Lord. I became one with all I beheld. 20. Let us not lose sight of Joy. It is after all what we seek. Be it a part or be it the whole. Enlightenment brings in its wake a happiness in this world but but not of this world. A Joy that must be known to be believed. 21. Every metaphysical phenomenon needs a context in which to manifest itself. That context is Space and Time. At this particular place and at this particular time the American Siddhartha appeared. 22. I found it here. In the roots and earth of America. I didn’t have to cross my legs and chant Om in the Himalayas. I did not have to travel to Tibet. Not Mecca not Egypt not China. I’m an American. An American Siddhārtha. 23. Where I go wisdom springs out of the ground. All nature rises to greet me. She invests me with the mantle of her attainment. In me she has reached the coveted goal. After much striving abortive attempts false starts and starting again this time she has hit the mark. I am the end of her striving the pivot upon which it all turned. 24. The pendulum swings back on itself. That point where all upward motion becomes zero…

From time to time a mahatma comes to change the world. A light has risen in me that will change the world. If the sun rises can you continue to sleep? My light is brighter than the sun.

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A beauty so visionary it must be real

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