The organic impulse of nature we witness anew each spring as it produces a rose is directed at the ideal Rose outside space and time. With this ideal solely in view nature creates unburdened by precedent. It never imitates. The true act of creation is never imitatltive. What compels us at the site of a rose each spring is not its newness for there really is nothing new but its innocent manifestation of exactly the same completely unconscious of what it has done in the past. We see in the rose its vigor and are aware that in spite of all that has come before over thousands of years in its attempt to create the perfect rose once more nature produces as if for the very first time with no sign of fatigue or lagging and no indication of futility the rose that we see each spring. It is natures cyclical attempt to produce in reality in all its perfection the metaphysical rose that inspires when we see the actual rose imperfect in space and time and yet so similar to all the iterations that preceded.

Published by AmericanSiddartha

A beauty so visionary it must be real

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