The Rebbe

I posted the following comment about the Leonard Cohen clip on Utube and it was deleted by Utube:

The Jews have turned their backs on God and embraced instead the military industrial complex, zionism, as something more secure. This error of judgement is at the root of the infection which has slowly destroyed true Judaism throughout the world. The perverse ideology of Jewish Nationalism and the utter lie that it is somehow sanctioned by the Torah, this has extinguished the great light of the world of which Jews were the God-appointed guardians. The State of Israel and the Land of Israel are two separate and opposing entities. One is the hallucination of a madman and the other is the Almighty’s promise to his holy prophets. One will disappear over time and cease to exist while the other will remain whole and undiminished because it is eternal and divine.

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A beauty so visionary it must be real

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