The Peaceable Kingdom

…e io sol uno

m’apparecchiava a sostener la guerra

si del cammino e si de la pietate


The truth bears bears so much semblance of error

John Ruskin

אני שלום וכי אדבר המה למלחמה

King David

My master and teacher the holy Satmar Rebbe
The Peaceable Kingdom; and a child shall lead the way

1. There was a time when golus meant the Jewish people were physically expelled from the holy land and forced to live under the strange laws of a foreign regime. Today the Jewish people have seemingly returned to their place and redeemed themselves from their bitter exile. It is not their bodies however but their minds that are exiled. It is not individual people standing outside the boundaries of a physical place it is Yiddishkeit itself that is in exile. It has contracted to the point that it is no longer visible. It has been displaced and replaced by zionism. And this exchange has gone unnoticed by the overwhelming majority of Jews who in an almost a paralytic way deny that this has in fact occurred. This replacement of Yiddishkeit with zionism was not overly subtle in itself but evidently enough so to go unnoticed by the Jewish people.

2. In reality the redemption has already occurred. The harsh climate of exile has given way to an atmosphere of tolerance. It has released Jews to an unprecedented atmosphere of freedom. On the contrary, it is the false principle that redemption must somehow be attached to a physical land-a handful of earth-that has only prolonged the exile. And the antagonism of the zionists against the nations of the world has rebuilt the virulent antisemitism that was absent at the end of WW2. Their slavish attachment to a plot of earth a flag and a national army has prevented them from transcending the burden of exile. Now the only force which keeps the Jewish nation in exile is zionism itself. The main deception of zionism is that redemption of the Jewish people can only occur if they are physically gathered in from the four corners of the earth and contained within the those boundaries which the zionists have determined to be the land of Israel. But since that land is first and foremost a metaphysical phenomenon transcending space and time and its establishment a manifestation of God’s will alone it cannot be occupied and possessed in a physical way or taken by force as the current state of Israel has been. Hence all the wars fought by the zionists in the name of inheriting the land from 1956 onward were physical wars to possess physical land and completely unrelated to the metaphysical concept of Israel intended by God to Abraham when He says

Go forth from the land of your fathers etc to the land which I will show you

Meaning specifically that land transcending space and time which is because of its lack of tangible and physical solidity a spiritual land whose only characteristic will be “that God has shown you “. Not that land which your senses show you and that you covet with a physical desire but that transcendent entity which God alone will show you and whose inheritance is the end of all physical desire and longing and whose attributes are unknown to you and known only to God.

The Land of Israel promised by God to Abraham Issac and Jakov and again to Moses was never intended to be a land primarily and exclusively bound by 4 borders as the zionists have falsely insisted for over a century. They believe in a physical entity void of anything metaphysical removed from God and the Holy Torah. A land bound by the senses and controlled by brute force whose possession has become the sole exclusive collary of Judaism.

3. During the last several decades I have been in many orthodox communities and what they all have in common is the absence of Yiddishkeit and in its place the cold and sinister aspect of zionism. So what is the difference you might ask between Yiddishkeit and zionism? Zionism is the enemy of the human spirit and Yiddishkeit is the champion of the human spirit. That this is so almost needs no proof but for the fact the Jews today are blind due to the withering effect zionism has had on their souls–which in itself is proof of this distinction–proofs can easily be supplied. One of the more obvious proofs is that zionism lacks any and all spiritual power or vital beauty while Yiddishkeit has always been laden with these. That zionism lacks both is easily observed in its slavish adulation of brute strength and worship of armed force. The attitude and posture of spiritual beauty is utterly alien to it as is the concept of spiritual warfare although it presumes some aspect of the latter if unsuccessfully.

4. The zionists have turned “Eretz Yisrael” into a fetish a commodity a product. This transformation from something holy into a fetish exposes for all the world to see, the vulgarity at the heart of zionism. In zionism the sexual and the magical the spiritual and the profane merge into a single super-fetish; the worship of one object for its perceived power over the entirety of nature and the perceptible world. They took the holiest creation of the Creator and turned it into something perverse. If they had made a super-fetish out of anything else it would have been bad enough but to have done so with the holy land is a sin for which there is no forgiveness . And Jews the world over from the most orthodox to the least observant all have this much in common: they serve the very same super-fetish.

Israel as it exists today is the commodity fetish par excellence! Thus it is the super fetish. Just as in a capitalist society the significance of human labor involved in producing a commodity disappears and the commodity seems to have an inherent value in and of itself so too the state of Israel appears to have an inherent value completely detached from the Torah and its practice. It is the manifestation of that famous metaphysical illusion where the Object loses its relative and true value and assumes an absolute value. It is from this very error that the state of Israel has taken such precedence in the minds and hearts and souls of the Jewish people especially the orthodox supplanting in importance even the Holy Torah itself although always in the subtle guise of Torah. And it is from this same error that Israel the state has been seemingly invested as with a mantle with magical and even miraculous qualities while being nothing more than a commodity and an object among other objects. And these qualities appear miraculous and magical because they have been stolen from thousands of years of longing and expectation in the fulfillment of God’s promise to restore the LAND of Israel which is something else entirely! and completely unrelated to this fetishized commodity called the State of Israel.

5. The zionist ideal, if it can be called an ideal, was to take Eretz Yisroel and make it into a commercial entity no different than Disneyland. And they succeeded beyond their greatest hope largely because the haredim helped them with unexpected enthusiasm. The extent of the success of the money making juggernaut of Israel , now debased into Disneyland, even took the world by surprise. But embedded in this juggernaut like Greeks in a wooden horse were militant zionists aiming to take over the world which they have done. Instead of a horse they covered themselves in the disguise of “the Jewish People” and portrayed any resistance to their assault on the world as antisemitism. They succeeded in tricking the entire world both the non Jewish and the Jewish with an unimaginable degree of deception. They used The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a roadmap, fulfilling protocol by protocol all the way to world domination even while they denounced anyone who accused them of this as antisemitic. And the Orthodox Jews thrilled by their exciting new role as oppressors of the entire free world, beheld the amusement park McIsrael and saw that it was good and have committed themselves to its perpetuation from the day of its inception until eternity hallelujah!

6. But what have they exchanged it for? What does this commercial fetish called McIsrael actually displace? The answer is simple: true spiritual redemption of an order greater than that which Jews received at the time God released them from the House of Bondage so long ago in Egypt. Mistaking the redemption of the future to be completely similar to that of the past ,they have been waiting to be released from a specific type of exile which really does not exist anymore. True then it was exile under one nation under one ruler and one set of laws. But today exile in its current form has been different. Today it can truly be said that each one exists in his own personal golus. In Mitzraim all Jews were in the same golus. True then it was more a physical exile but today it has transformed into a purely spiritual servitude to the material world. We can see with our own eyes that Eretz Israel lies open to us and nothing, seemingly, impedes our return there. But clearly our redemption from servitude is unrelated to our return to the physical entity called Israel. Not to say we won’t merit an inheritance of the land on the contrary just on a much higher spiritual level than previously understood. A land which God will eventually reveal to us when we have reached the boundary of this physical world and stand ready to inherit our true eternal heritage beyond time and space, war and peace. Rather a peace that will never again relinquish itself to war because it is that Peace or literally perfection which has no dialectical counterpart. And the land of inheritance will be this time an enlightened manifestation of the soul encompassing the whole world world and not just a handful of earth in the Middle East like the zionists foolishly believe.

7. It is precisely here the zionist perversion makes itself most visible. In a seemingly innocent act committed by all the other nations of the earth zionism sought to sneak by with its fundamental heresy unnoticed. Under the camouflage of nationalism, zionism desecrated and intentionally God’s name and His land and His Torah. Any other ideology which sought whether rightly or no to become the foundation of a nationalist movement could be seen as potentially noble but not zionism because at its root it is a rebellion against God and such a rebellion can never be noble. Such a rebellion is by its very nature evil. In their rebellion against God they turned the highest manifestation of God’s will and ultimate promise to the children of Abraham Isaac and Yaakov into a sham and crude nationalism as if the most spiritual aspiration of the holiest people was nothing more than political autonomy. That thousands of years of longing for spiritual redemption could be exchanged for this.

As the evil founder of the zionist state vaunted against God and his holy ones “I have achieved in only a few years with the machine what they could not achieve with all their prayers and good deeds”. But then again such was the ranting of a degenerate whose ideology sprang directly out of the pseudo-philosophy of a German lunatic in the advanced stages of syphillis. What they both had in common was a hatred for God.

8 It must be understood that at the black heart of zionism is a Demon who hates humanity and is the antithesis of humanity. He loves evil purely for its own sake and not for any personal advantage it might bring. He is therefore thoroughly contemptible. Just as a just man loves justice and pursues justice for its own sake so to this Demon loves injustice for its own sake and acts wickedly for its own sake. Since zionism is just the manifestation in space and time of one and the same demon all acts done in the name of zionism have a cohesion and tend to one end and are merely so many attributes of the same underlying active force embodied in this demon. And everything it does is evil. But no individual bears the full guilt of being that active force but rather is at any particular moment merely an agent and medium for that black force whether consciously or not; intentionally or otherwise. What this means practically is no individual is passed saving. That while the Demon at the black heart of zionism is thoroughly contemptible and beyond redemption nor deserving ever of forgiveness and must be removed from the world, his agents, the medium through which his manifestation passes like drops of water the rainbow, are human beings prone to error and deception and must be preserved. They must be preserved because they have always a possibility to realize their error and change their ways. What must be eradicated in the true sense of the word and uprooted completely is the animating force, the Demon himself, but never his agent. The human spirit can not purge itself of the ruinous zionist disease by employing violent means. Violence and zionism are one and the same. One can not rid the world of violence by being violent. Nor can one eradicate zionism by violence. To do so will only bring more zionism into the world.

8a. The zionists stole the name of the holy patriarch Yaakov and under its aegis have committed evil . When they desecrate every aspect of the Torah they invoke his name. When they fill the world with violence they invoke his name. When they intimidate with implicit threats of violence frightening the world into silence they invoke his holy name. They have demonized the name of Israel the holy father of the Jewish people and when someone criticizes them they accuse that person of demonizing Israel. They are the true demonizer of Israel. They took something holy desecrated it and call the world antisemetic when someone points out exactly what they have done. They may commit and have committed every evil under the sun and when a person stands up and says,”Hey! You have committed an evil!” They immediately denounce that person saying,”You only say that because you are antisemitic”. The zionists have no transcendent moral principles. Whatever they do at any given moment becomes de facto a definition of morality in the name of what they deceitfully call Israel. So whoever opposes them is now according to this new de facto definition anti Israel and antisemitic. The zionist ideology is totally void of eternal values and transcendent truths. When they realize this lack they steal something from the Torah to cover themselves or have haredi rabbis explain yet again that the state of Israel and the Land of Israel in the Torah are one and the same. But as a result of this lack of transcendency their course is a constant erring. Just like a sailor who crosses a vast sea only consulting his compass and without ever taking an actual reading of the sun with a sextant will constantly have the illusion of being on course so too the zionists without any reference to God or the Torah believe they represent the Jewish people without ever seeing they stray further and further from true Jewish values. The haredi rabbis supply ex posteriori dubious connections between zionist behavior and Torah values fooling in the process only themselves and their hapless constituents to the amusement of the zionists but not the rest of the world whose patience only thins and whose hatred only increases.

The medrash says that in the future…etc

9. The only force keeping Jews in exile today is zionism. That was the whole intention behind the zionist movement from the beginning in the deranged syphilitic minds of its founders. They wanted to become the ultimate enslavers of the Jewish people by convincing the world that Israel belonged to them. They wanted to be the final executioners of Yiddishkeit. The orthodox Jews by an incredible lapse of judgment and abrogation of tradition, in direct violation of the will of all the great rabbonim prior to WW 2, acquiesced. They not only allowed the zionists to exchange Yiddishkeit for a synthetic cheap substitute they also helped them perpetuate and establish the pernicious lie that the state of Israel and Eretz Yisroel in the Torah are one and the same. The orthodox haredim have aided and abetted the zionist conspiracy to wipe Yiddishkeit from the face of the earth and establish in its place Judaism and Israelism. And the conspiracy has succeeded beyond even what was intended for in the process of turning every Jew into a zionist they have managed also to turn the whole world into anti-zionists. And all of this at a moment when antisemitism had disappeared! After the last word war antisemitism had died and would never have returned but for the heinous misdeeds and crimes committed against the nations of the world by the hateful zionists in the name of a religion they themselves had destroyed!

10. The curative for all this can come about when Jews arise from the spiritual slumber into which they have fallen and realize that the whole earth is Eretz Yisroel and not the handful of dirt the malevolent zionists hold in their hands. If Jews could just shake off from their limbs the deadening shackles of zionism they would see that they have inherited the entire world! As long as the zionist poison permeates their minds hearts and souls they will never be free again. The majority, the vast majority, will be cut off from God’s eternal light forever rather than admit they were wrong because the end of zionism is eternal death. And if zionism is not eradicated the zionist induced golus will will literally swallow the Jewish nation whole with the exception of a very small but chosen remnant of faithful who remained faithful to God’s word.

11. The peaceable kingdom foretold by the holy prophet Isaiah is here it’s just that the zionists don’t want anyone to see it. Such a revelation would destroy their dominion over the world. We have already entered the era of

I ain’t gonna study war no more


and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

But the zionist rebellion against God and humanity requires for its livelihood that the whole earth smolder in the clouds of war. The greatest manifestation of the military industrial complex ever to shake the earth with its fearful power requires for its perpetuation that no one realize how much money they make from the prevalence and continuance of wars fought by weapons they themselves provide to all sides. And to maintain their dominion they have set up at the cost of billions and billions of dollars a propaganda machine to fill the whole earth with their lies. And to make sure no one questions their authority they employ violence and threats of violence and intimidation to frighten all into submission. All of this to prevent humanity from attaining the enlightened revelation that the Peaceable Kingdom has arrived! The vested interest of the zionist rebellion against God is to prevent the human spirit from attaining enlightenment. Because once it does the zionists will melt like wax before flame. The zionist conspiracy and rebellion is doomed to oblivion because the human spirit’s rightful inheritance is everlasting peace.

12. Zionism is what John Ruskin would have called a “diseased mimicry” of the Truth. It degrades an essentially spiritual idea, ie Eretz Yisroel or God’s promise to Abraham, into a mere form of national aspiration: a State of Israel. This a form of fetishism of the Marxian sort. It transforms something essentially high and divine into something base and low. It leads to a moral inversion just like the Marxian commodity fetish does. It sanctifies physical force of arms over the higher spiritual force of the soul and commits thereby an inversion of the Truth. It takes something eternal and above the physical laws of the universe, namely the Land of Israel, and casts it merely as something temporal and subject to the laws of nature, namely the State of Israel. It substitutes in the place of Divine Providence a history mainly of warfare and the denial of God’s dominion. It is a perversion not just of the natural order but of the higher order intended by God. When the spiritual idea being degraded is the true Holy Land of the patriarchs it ceases to be just a perversion but a desecration as well. The fetishizing of the Holy Land leads inevitably to moral depravity. The act of desanctification, of profaning what is holy, becomes so pervasive that it is accepted as normal even by so-called religious elements of the zionist society, the haredim. They no longer are capable of perceiving the desecration of God’s name happening everywhere around them in the zionist state because its prevalence and intensity has long ago deadened their capacity to feel such things. Just as a very bad smell over time becomes unnoticeable so too the spiritual repugnancy of zionism becomes imperceptible to those who live continually within its midst. Zionism substitutes Power for Truth. It values physical force above all else and therefore the ultimate spiritual inversion of the Truth occurs when you have an entire nation actually in complete allegiance to the false idea that the means justify the ends, which is the inherent lie hidden in the corrupted ideal of all nationalism. It is for this reason that nationalism as a motivating force has disappeared throughout the world with the exception of the zionist state which has as yet failed to understand and appreciate what all other people have recognized almost universally. The archaic pursuit of nationalism conveniently still seems to serve the belligerent zionist agenda as they attempt to drag against the wishes of all the entire world into war.

13. The reason behind the synagogue shootings in America(Pittsburgh and San Diego)is that kavod hamedina, honor for the state, has replaced kavod hatorah, honor for the Torah in the souls of American Jews. None of the gedolim in Israel will say this because they either are too scared to say the truth or they are so poisoned by bribes they literally can’t see what is so obvious. The zionists are elated by this development in America and only hope it becomes as near to a daily occurrence as possible. They disguise their true feelings by sending ambassadors to join the ranks of the grieving mourners at their funerals. But even their presence here should make us suspicious. Why do they come? Because America is the last refuge of Jews outside of Israel the zionists want to make Judenrein as they proceed in their sick agenda to frighten all the world’s Jewery with the choice of Israel or death. They succeeded as well as they could have hoped in Europe by precipitating the holocaust. It was always the case in Jewish history, before the establishment of a heretical state made them too arrogant for such speculation, that whenever a misfortune befell them a cause was sought in themselves first and not placed at the feet of their non Jewish neighbors and their alleged baseness. The fault always could be traced, because of their divine and chosen relationship to God, directly to some defect in their Faith needing adjustment. The hostility and hatred against the Jews was always seen as a sort of spiritual rod, God appointed and God sanctioned, to chastise them to return to a higher spiritual level previously abandoned. It was God’s anger appearing in this world as hatred against the Jews. Antisemitism was always seen as something relative to something else and not as an absolute condition rooted in the non Jewish soul. Seen as something relative, antisemitism was rather a sign from heaven that God’s peculiar attentiveness to the Jewish people had not flagged or foundered but on the contrary was focused quite intently upon his chosen ones. But just as the commodity fetishized Israel caused an inversion between objective values and subjective values on a moral level with vitiating effect on the soul of the Jew, so too it has corrupted his once pure Faith and things of relative value now become absolute and lose thereby all significance. The same debasement that has overtaken the spiritual significance of the Holy Land in the hands of the zionists has overtaken the meaning of God’s providence. Now Divine Providence is seen as just another episode in the zionist rebellion against God which the zionists arrogantly call their history. The relative significance of antisemitism disappears and in its place appears an absolute hatred against the Jews with no connection to God and from which only the all powerful industrial-military complex called the State of Israel can save them with its false promise of Never again! The effect of this self proclaimed State of Israel upon the Jew and inevitably upon the world, is always vitiating and negative. It destroys whatever is sacred. In place of what was holy it establishes sacrilege and rebellion against God but always always with the strangely deceptive appearance of Israel about it, so that to the non-discerning world the sacrilege and rebellion appear like Judaism itself and leave the impression that Judaism is essentially a rebellion against God. The success of the miscreant zionist enterprise has always depended upon this deception and therefore it has done all within its demonic power to foster it and it has succeeded to such a great degree that almost no one neither Jew or non Jew can anymore see the difference between Judaism and zionism.

14.There are two types of things that are esteemed good. Those that are desirable for their own sake and those that are so for the sakeof something else.
The land was not given to be enjoyed for its own sake but for the spiritual perfection it leads to. The zionists see the land of Israel in an absolute sense and not relative to a higher good intended by God because for them God’s providence over mankind is either irrelevant or nonexistent. The higher cause for them is the state itself and not God. They have made a fetish of the land. By subverting the divine order and making the heretical state an end in itself and not a means to that end God intended.There are no eternal principles underlying the pseudo-philosophy of zionism. That is why it is a pseudo-philosophy. All the eternal principles that guide mankind like so many stars in the firmament a ship at sea are recorded and divinely so in the Torah which they despise and crush under foot. These eternal laws shed not their influence upon the crooked zionist path and pierce not the redoubled darkness of their ignorance and rebellion against God. And in their place appear old prejudices and half-truths raised falsely to the level of eternal ideas. Instead of the moral arc of the universe tending toward justice they have in its place a viscous belief that might makes right and that the ends justify the means and that oppression of a minority is compatible with the overall good of the whole; in short utilitarian principles which mock and reject all transcendental values recognized by the healthy human psyche for thousands of years . For them self interest is glorified as realpolitik. The relatively short-sighted prerogatives of urgent physical need and the body’s requirements take precedence over and replace the long term goals dictated by a patient spiritual progress measured in centuries. Everything ever deemed wise by the unwavering approbation of the enlightened among mankind is subverted to the selfish end of world power held sacred by the zionist rebellion. For them any world power not under their control is rejected as antisemetic and a threat to the State of Israel but their own unbridled domination over the whole world is hailed as divinely intended and their right as Jews. But they overlook the simple fact that God never intended a physical government of the world ruling by force and intimidation over mankind but a spiritual one established by Him for the betterment of all. The zionist pretense to be the true inheritors of the holy land mere camouflages their intention, already realized, to control the world. Their seemingly modest claim to a small piece of land in the Middle East was just the harbinger to and a disguising of this evil ambition.

15. Zionism is a truculent and outmoded ideology based upon old lies old prejudices and falsehoods. It would be as if an American were to in all seriousness stand up today in Congress and declare that slavery should never have been abolished in the South that American Blacks were intended by God to be slaves etc etc and all the long since decried and denounced obscenities and vile prejudices that once passed for truths in this country. Of such an order is the lying and deceitful rhetoric of the zionists today. They boast of being the children of Israel but they show nothing of the patriarch’s faith and spirit. They “content themselves in the shadow of his great name while they repudiate the deeds which made his name great.” They show no distinctly Jewish qualities to the world and contemptuously claim a right to the holy land as representatives of the Jewish people. They bear no evidence that they have inherited in any significant degree the spiritual bounty and boon of Abraham and yet they abuse the world with a pretended right to the land God promised to him. And even the patriarchs themselves to whom God directly promised the land of Israel never dwelt there with the arrogance of owners of the land but as humble guests( see אור החיים ראש פרשת וישב).

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