A Breach of Faith

Some thoughts about the current “security threat” confronting synagogues in the US: Its not a question of how many locks are on the door to keep us safe but how many we have closing our hearts which keep us from living in peace. To people who have become suspicious by nature the whole world in turnContinue reading “A Breach of Faith”

The Peaceable Kingdom

…e io sol uno m’apparecchiava a sostener la guerra si del cammino e si de la pietate Dante The truth bears bears so much semblance of error John Ruskin אני שלום וכי אדבר המה למלחמה King David My master and teacher the holy Satmar Rebbe of blessed memory 1. There was a time when golusContinue reading “The Peaceable Kingdom”

Israel’s Moshiach is Coming: But Not for Us

There’s lots of talk in Israel about the Moshiach and the Geula. But this time it’s for real! Have no doubt about it! He’s really coming! Before you can vote in the next israelí election and certainly well before the poor bastards in golus can buy tickets on El Al. Almost monthly we are givenContinue reading “Israel’s Moshiach is Coming: But Not for Us”