The children were happy to see me and their joyful faces betray the perverse notions the adults in the picture were having at the time. As America, under the leadership of a dangerous and unstable leader, descends into fascism these sort of photographs become increasingly more dangerous to take. I know what I am doing and what my intentions are and I am prepared for every contingency; from verbal abuse to physical violence I am not afraid because my aim is true unlike the adults in this picture which is exactly what I said as I walked by. Taking a photograph on public property is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The police and the secret service know this more or less and I have had on several occasions been asked by them to explain myself. It helps to know your rights and I have walked away so far from all challenges richer in friends. The secret service love my pictures of the White House and they take a liking to me because they can see right away(I’ve shown them my website) that my intention is pure.The people who give me the most trouble are adults like the ones in this picture, who end up calling the police, or the guards of private companies hired by federal institutions who want to be like the police but by law are prohibited. From my wellspring of experience I have seen that those with the least authority are the ones who pretend to have the most authority and they should be resisted at all costs because they are abusing the civil rights of Americans protected by a healthy and sane Constitution whose ratification back in 1788 became the law of the land.

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