A Breach of Faith

Some thoughts about the current “security threat” confronting synagogues in the US:

Its not a question of how many locks are on the door to keep us safe but how many we have closing our hearts which keep us from living in peace. To people who have become suspicious by nature the whole world in turn seems suspicious and ill-intended. A sinister environment often has no reality beyond the mistrustful thoughts that generate it; is in fact a mere reflection of a very real inner darkness and genuine ignorance. In spite of what many believe, the current perceived threat is more the bogeyman of unhealthy minds than an actuality. As such most security measures adopted across the country will only serve to transform houses of worship into graveyards and synagogues into zionist outposts, aka Jewish Community Centers. Whereas those more enlightened congregations who take no action will be more likely to flourish.

We unfortunately live in a time where no one thinks too deeply into these things and if anyone does, no one bold enough to say what desperately needs to be said. In the meantime the truth is completely absent any and all discussion regarding security. No one really wants to know what lies at the root of the problem. It is truly of our times when the holy prophet Isaiah said האמת נעדרת (Truth has vanished) We have replaced Yiddishkeit with zionism. We in America have replaced כבוד התורה (honor for the Torah) with כבוד המדינה (honor for the state of Israel). Proof that this is so can easily be seen in the trust we place in physical measures only; in police and guns security cameras and dead bolts–the whole sick paraphernalia of the same surveillance cult that has swept over society in the last 20 years we now usher into our homes and places of worship as if it was the most natural and legitimate extension of that perversion.

and this is an utterly contemptible and culpable offense in view of our great history. And no one mentions this obvious cause lying at the root of the so-called security threat. Instead we blame others and the general antisemetic nature of the times thus denying the divine providence working through all this trying to correct our error. We have recentered Judaism to focus solely and exclusively upon the State of Israel and no longer upon God. From it will come our protection against all foes! From it will come our deliverance our redemption and our salvation. It is our new rock of ages. As if somehow the false messianic state is more powerful than God! Nothing good can come from this and nothing will.


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