Divine Eloquence—MLK

אני שלום וכי אדבר המה למלחמה

For such an eloquence the Kingdom would give its kingdom. From time to time this rare gift comes to defend the Truth by speaking it. Since it never speaks for them but against them, the enemies of the human spirit despise it. On the wings of an eagle, swift as lightning it descends and more startling; it shatters the worn out form and heralds the entry of what is always new and fresh. It is the weapon of Justice against iniquity. Who wields it wields Life for the poor and oppressed; Death to the haughty oppressor. It is never to be found on the side of injustice. The wicked try to indenture it’s service but it baffles blunt aggression by transcending the effort. It is the inheritance of him whose cause is just in all ways and the adornment of him whose goodness is without blemish.

MLK monument Washington DC

“One day this eloquence as it manifests itself thru me, will be a force for the most hostile to reckon with even as the righteous throughout the world shall hear it and rejoice. Such eloquence wherever and whenever it appears simply can not be ignored. It confronts while it establishes peace. It builds up an edifice of glory from what it has just destroyed. With it and God’s help I shall displace the wicked from their moorings and bring everlasting Justice in their stead. It will astonish and surprise even as it heals the wounds of a human spirit held too long in darkness. It’s sweetness will be like the clarion call of freedom for those held in long servitude. I am just one man but by God’s grace I will accomplish what vast armies could not. I will tear the vile iron chains from their base that restrained the Soul from her attainment and usher her forth unfettered once and for all into God’s eternal Light.”

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A beauty so visionary it must be real

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