Israel’s Moshiach is Coming: But Not for Us

There’s lots of talk in Israel about the Moshiach and the Geula. But this time it’s for real! Have no doubt about it! He’s really coming! Before you can vote in the next israelí election and certainly well before the poor bastards in golus can buy tickets on El Al. Almost monthly we are given a new scenario by some great visionary in Israel in which the redeemer is literally seconds away from revealing himself. Just like Chicken Little and the boy who cries wolf and just as unbelievable the haredim in Israel are always literally on the verge of something really big. And even so, every single time their arrogant prognostications prove incorrect and over zealous they merely go back to the beginning and begin the dance again with their faces twisted behind them and their backs in front like Dante’s false prophets as if nothing was amiss; stuck in ghastly repetitive acts no different than Sisyphus himself and just as damned.

You see, these holy and enlightened people are at the very vortex of all messianic activity. This nonsense of theirs has been going on in an almost infinite loop for decades. Again and again the haredim there believe the messiah is just on the verge of revealing himself forgetting that this is already the umpteenth iteration of their fantasy. Even prominent rabbis, in spite of talmudic law expressly forbidding such talk, repeatedly state with almost hypnotic monotony that the Moshiach is going to come on a certain date and rule from the Temple Mount and redeem the Jewish people by destroying the Arabs and Christians leaving the world in a smoldering ruin and eternal bliss for the house of zionist Israel. A highly unlikely scenario but evidently one they are prone to believe. Rav Chaim Kinievsky has stated only recently that the longed for messiah was born last Tishsa b’av and would reveal himself on Purim and bring the geula before anyone can vote gimmel in the next election seemingly without being the least bit concerned that these statements contradict what he has said in the past. Like a doddering old man who thinks he’s heard people discussing exactly what he’s thinking about will interject unsolicited completely unrelated nonsense in a kind of senile stupor; so too this “great torah giant” and “luminary for the whole world” babbles about the messiah without realizing that what he’s saying is untrue and very much a desecration of all that Jews have held sacred for thousands of years. When he unites in one thought the holy Moshiach with the israeli elections as if the two were related the profanity is quite palpable and repulsive. The offensive odor of his own lies has, not surprisingly, the effect of making the whole world ill but apparently not the anesthetized haredim of Israel. Like people in a new age cult who’ve drunk the dreaded poisonous Kool-Aid, they seriously believe their personal redemption is just on the horizon while failing in the long run to see their very presence in the “holy land” impedes the great event. They want a Geula but only one that is soundly in alignment with a state of Israel. They don’t want to be redeemed without their cursed state!Unfortunately for them God’s plan does not have to agree with their wishes. What is certainly convenient for them is not necessarily convenient for God. And since when has the Almighty concerned himself with convenience? Just because a state has been established in complete and intentional defiance of God’s will it does not mean His will must change, no matter how important the haredim and their vile nation-state may be in their own eyes and regardless of how many Jews actually live there; it is they who must accommodate Him and not He them! But inflated self importance has led the Jews in don’t-call-it-Palestine to forget even this much. And if God’s plan does not align with theirs–as it most surely will not–they have not in place a contingency which will allow them some means to become part of the true redemption other than being opposed to it like the eruv rav in Egypt land so long ago. And against the coming true redemption they will certainly protest and in some cases quite violently because it will contradict everything they believe in! Because it will not tolerate the false and lying messianic state!

For them the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem is supercharged with messianic significance when in fact it is totally unrelated. For them the fanatical anger they have engendered against themselves through out the world is indicative of the fulfillment of the Gog and Magog prophesy. But the prophetic utterances handed down to us by the great sages of the Talmud were not made for Jews who live in the apostatical state of Israel. The coming of the great redeemer and the final redemption he will bring into the world these are not things that will in anyway be visible to Jews high on the base fumes of zionism. A Jew can have a state or a Moshiach but not both. They can have a sanhendrin or a knesset but not both. It is clear where the Jews of Israel stand as it is also clear the Geulah will absolutely not be an artifact in the zionist archive. Baruch Hashem!

For the haredim in McIsrael the moshiach is always imminently about to reveal himself. But it is no longer a principle of Faith for them–they have exchanged the pure simple Faith of their forefathers in Hashem His Torah and the גואל הצדק for a belief in a state not promised to them by God, but extorted from the nations of the earth under explicit threat of violence. It is not an assertion of Faith at all but a “calculation of the end” against which the holy Talmud has set its unalterable censure in the form of a curse to those who do it. But the haredim and their false gedolim are above their own sacred Law! They care not a whit for the simple pure articles of Faith that sustained a Jewish nation in exilio two thousand years. Belief in the imminent coming of the Moshiach by those who unapologetically rebel against the one living God, this has become primarily in their mouths an expression of extreme arrogance, which is offensive to the God of Abraham Isaac and Yaakov. They believe themselves at the center of the spiritual world and all that happens, happens thru them. But nothing could be further from the truth! They are not at the center but at the extremity. What is relevant to them is not relevant to the glorious future of the Jewish people promised by God to His prophets long ago. When they move to the left God laughs and shifts everything to the right; when to the right, He shifts all to the left. Thus it is the Truth remains always beyond their grasp and it is God alone who remains forever in the center. And it is at this center the eternal Promised Land has always been. It is not some wretched handful of earth with walls and boundaries an army and a flag. So too when God makes visible to all men’s eyes the Great Redeemer, beneath his feet wherever he steps behold! The holy Land of Israel! It has never been and never will be an area of space under their dominion and control for them to spread out and withdraw as they see fit. It is a point protected under the Glorious Throne by God Himself, for Him and Him alone to expand and contract to give and to take according to the indiscernible Law of his infinite wisdom. And he will roll it out like a sacred rug beneath the feet of His chosen redeemer as he sets him into the world at the appointed time bringing eternal redemption not for a few but all mankind! Not for the state of Israel but for those who patiently awaited the ending of His decree in exile. Amen.

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Only this man understood what was really going on;the Geulah will absolutely not be an artifact in the zionist archive


notice the Rebbe In the video is quoted as saying that Moshiach will appear first in Brooklyn and not 770 as the rabbi in the video would have us believe. It’s the chasidim that are always distorting the facts! Not the Rebbe. Looking back ages hence history will show that the Rebbe never said he was the Moshiach but that he announced with uncanny accuracy the arrival of that soul in the world. And he never retracted or redacted what he said or altered even once or repeated himself unnecessarily like Comminefski unfortunately does. It’s the crazy chasidim, the eruv rav, who distorted the Rebbe’s pure vision into something utterly insane. With hindsight this will become clear. The Rebbe had radar vision and saw clearly while everyone else in Crown Heights at the time (the winter of תשנב 1992 after which time he mysteriously fell silent on the issue never mentioning it again in his lifetime) chose mass insanity, walking around in a fog bank and totally missing something of historical significance. The Rebbe on the contrary saw exactly what he was looking for before anyone and left this world knowing he, perhaps more than anyone else in Jewish history, helped to bring it about!

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