An American Siddhartha

It is not impossible and indeed not improbable that Mankind’s salvation began from a child’s observation of lilac and roses each spring. From these humble things he innocently and without premeditation formed in his soul a sacred unity between Truth Beauty and Simplicity which served as a model for all experience henceforward until his maturity. As a man in midlife he perceived consciously and as if for the first time he became aware of this sacred Unity which had laid almost hidden as the unconscious act of his youth. And in the conscious act he awakened what had until than been dormant. He brought the higher light of the intellect full circle back to illuminate the perception of a child. And what he experienced was enlightenment. I am the American Siddhartha and my Journey a Ramayana. It led me to a higher self consciousness.

Published by AmericanSiddartha

A beauty so visionary it must be real

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